Friday, 14 October 2011

Girl Power

I deeply apologize for not posting this entire week. Things have been so hectic because its been assessment week so all the teachers have loaded us with a million tests. Ahh well, at least it's finally over! So moving on to today's post.
Well, as you can see Heather Morris is Seventeen Magazine's latest cover girl! It's about time they put a Gleek on the cover. I always pictured uit to be Lea Michele but I'm so glad they put Heather instead! She really spices up the show with her amazing character, Brittany. The show would tank without her ;)
See her fun photoshoot pics below:

So I'm also gonna cram in the Replay Wednesday and Quoted Thursday posts in here. *Yes, I'm guilty of doing this too many times!*

Run The World- Heather Morris and Glee Cast

I don't particularly like this song but Heather makes it so fun with her kick-ass dance moves and infectious girl power! 

And now for the quotes:

(On her tattoo) "That's a tribute to my dad that I got when I was 18. It's wings and a little angel who watches over me."

" I think everybody wants to have a Brittany-ism! She can say any random thing and it’s funny. I look forward to [the lines] I have to say. "

"I think our generation is definitely more open and accepting. But more so, we have technology and music, and people cling to the music most."

And my favourite, from Glee,  the infamous quote that just couldn't be excluded...

"Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"

:D She said that in the most ditziest way ever, making it look like she really believed it! :D

Hope you enjoyed this post! xoxo vami-kat

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