Saturday, 31 March 2012

I'll Follow You Into the Dark

Phew!! I spent the day car hunting with my parents, playing Agatha Christie, studying for my maths test, shopping at Woolworth's and then finally hunkering down to record a bunch of new song covers. To say I'm tired would be an understatement. I definitely need to catch up on some zzzzzz....

This song is so meaningful and...what's the word? Whimsical :)

But before I hit the hay, I wanted to share some of my covers with you. I'm a total newbie but I do hope you like them :)

And...thank you all! :D

xoxo vami-kat

Friday, 30 March 2012

What are Friends for?

To answer that question...

*2am phone calls. Covering for each other when the parental units attack.  Taking crazy pictures together. Comforting each other through dark times. Bitching and backstabbing each other then making up. Getting an honest opinion on an outfit or look. Laughing about awesome inside jokes. Acting absolutely mental. Midnight feasts. Pillow fights. Sharing a single-person umbrella with. Telling each other EVERY SINGLE detail about that guy in your life.  Having stupid, meaningless conversations about stupid, meaningless things. Sharing junk food and Coke with each other. Dancing cheesily to loud music in each others bedrooms. Doing each others hair, makeup and nails. Having each others back 24/7 :)*

 Today was a lovely rainy, cloudy day. And then the sun cam out and made everything shine golden :)
And of course, we took some pictures *obviously*

BTW moi is the girl in the glasses :D

My favourite :)

OMW we look like retards...but its natural ;) Haha Nandini

To all my lovely friends.....ILoveYouAlways

xoxo vami-kat

P.S Friends forever

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Draw a Picture of Me :)

OH MY WORD that cake is to DIE for!!! :P Found it on Natasha's blog :)

Anyways, hello there :) My birthday is coming!!!! Next Tuesday...and then I'm having a pahhtaay on Wednesday avec my friends :D Can't wait!

Onto my more interesting news :) haha
Go and see this absolute GEM of a blog right here >>> My Closet in Sketches
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. *You have to see it*

Which reminds me...I must post some of my OWN sketches onto here. And yes, I sketch, in case you didn't know. *Which you probably didn't, now that I think about it* :)

Although I'm not as good as this....

Oh haha I love this :)

xoxo vami-kat

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

When Your Whole World Turns Upside Down...

Oh my GOD....I am absolutely SICK of seeing weird, gooey pictures  of One Direction all over my WeHeartIt dashboard. Seriously, can everyone just get over them already? Jeesh...I hope I didn't unleash some  pack of angry One Directioners who will then proceed to attack me for daring to say (okay, technically type,) what I just did.
Kids, these days...mxm :/ Bahaha :D

MOVING, gosh, honestly I'm at a loss for words today. Seriously. Pictures perhaps?

Oooh, this outtfit's cuuute ;) xo

Quite a pote track right there ^_^ xx

You turn my world upside down...

I'm gonna give all my secrets away....lovely tune :) xo

Oh and this one too!

xoxo vami-kat

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Last Summer

It's amazing how beautiful words just happen to pour into your mind while watching an African sunset from your bedroom window...

Fall is officially here and we've had to say goodbye to summer. I know the other half of the world is excited for summer cause its COMING, but the rest of us have to bid (my favourite season) adieu.
So here is, *I guess* my tribute to that amazing summer that I just left behind. It was crazy, awesome, sad, beautiful and full of discoveries :)

Don't you love the sound of the warm, silvery summer rain hitting the pavement, its chaotic, lilting rhythm luring you to the window? Don't you love how the sunshine pours onto a sparkling blue lake, the water's surface transforming into a glittering golden wonderland? I love the cold, rich sweetness of iced coffee sliding down your throat. I love the scent of warm vanilla by a midsummer night's beach bonfire. I love how the drowsy blue sky bleeds into golden, pink, lavender, violet, azure and finally to a blue-black night scattered with stars. I love the salty, soothing breeze you feel at sunset. I love drinking ice cold fruit juice on the patio on lazy afternoons. I love staring at glossy, fantastical pictures in magazines, dreaming of them in my head. I love randomly disappearing in a world of wonder. I love the mysteries and miracles of life. I love the feeling of the urge to dance when hearing a feel-good dance song on the radio. I love the vast array of bright and beautiful wedge heels that pop up in shop windows. I love long hair flying in the humid, summer winds. In a nutshell, summer is beautiful. And I love it.

Cute dresses are made for summer right? ;) x

 I wanna do that XD No, seriously.

xoxo vami-kat
P.S You should go and watch the movie 500 Days of Summer. It's amazing :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hello There ;)

Well hello there gorgeous ;) Haha

Am just dropping by to tell you to check out this pote song..

Isn't THE FRESHMEN such a cool band name? Lol I certainly think so

Be prepared for a very deep, beautiful post later. Right now I'm uploading a couple of my acapella song covers onto Soundcloud. Which you should totally check out!
Okay so I'm not some prodigy or something but I think I got some decent talent so PLEASE please Pretty Please with a cherry on top, go check out my Soundcloud page NOW, right HERE
I've only got about 4 songs but I will be posting a WHOLE lot more later. So tell your friends to see it too (if you like it).

Merci to all :D

xoxo vami-kat

Friday, 23 March 2012

I Throw My Hands Up To the Clouds Sometimes...

Bonjour to all. :{)
Lol, did you see that little smiley thing I made up there? A mustache smile :{) Bahaha

So it's Friday. My birthday's coming. I can go ahead and laugh. JUST coz I feel like it.
So I laugh.
I'm still laughing.
Okay, I'm smiling now.
Alright, now I'm done.

You know what? I just burst out laughing again. At the stupidity and amazing-ness of that little activity But you know something else? For about a minute, I forgot all my problems and just laughed.
You should try it sometime.

Surround yourself with the things that make you happy. Smile- JUST because you can. You're actually tricking your brain into being happy :) Training yourself to smile in the most negative situations and to move on with life.

Coz there are only three words to describe that miraculous, beautiful, amazing, HUGE and infinite mystery that is life: It Goes On

So this post is all about beautiful things, things that make me happy. I want to make this blog an escape from reality, a haven of beauty and mystery, a box of pretty little trinkets and gems that I can share with you. I want it to inspire you, to make you smile, to make you sigh with desire and dreamy wonder. Most of all, I want you to think about the words you read here, keep those quotes in your mind, treasure those pictures. Because that would mean the world to me :)

That looks scarily delicious :O :P

Dream closet anyone? ;) Watch this space

Let's go to L.A and bike along the beach :)

 Karl Lagerfeld once said his three passions in life are : fashion, photography and.....
that's right, BOOKS :D

It sure does ;) Xo

Let's get lost in the pink and the green and the sunshine :)

This girl is flippin' beautiful and inspirational. And REAL.
Not that crappy fake, plastic surgery Barbie clones we get these days -_-

Bums >.<

Haha..think positive people :)

xoxo vami-kat

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Talking to the Moon ;)

Internet is being an absolute troll today. Oh hello there ^_^
Hmm...aren't cupcakes the absolute bomb?? Lol, very much so.

Oooh....those outfits up there are goshdarn gorgeous aren't they? Very dotty, very old-school. Very much ME. Okay then! :D *Adds turquoise platform heels and polka dot shirt to wish list*

Talking about beautiful things, isn't this song so pretty?

Merci Shravya, for giving me this song. You rock ;D

Internet is getting its troll on again so I gotta go. Lovely -_-

xoxo vami-kat
P.S Never mourn death; celebrate life :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Replay Wednesday!

These are some veeeerrrry pote songs ;)

This is a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics and a beautiful meaning, sung by an INCREDIBLY beautiful boy ;)

xoxo vami-kat

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

OH MY.....gosh?

Oh my....well I just found that Mona is A on Pretty Little Liars. *Ignore if you don't watch that show, even I though I highly recommend you do*
Now I'm not gonna spend fifty years ranting about it. Its just...well I feel like there was so much hype happening and every episode was so mysterious and interesting and this kinda....killed it. Is that weird? Am I being crazy here?
I dunno. Ohkay...I'm just gonna go and ponder about how every single TV show I watch, is seriously losing it. Damn -_-

xoxo vami-kat
P.S Excusez-moi for the language used in that pic :)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Simply Beautiful...


Just dropping by to show you this AMAZING girl called Jayme Dee who sings like a dream and absolutely rocks my world.

Here's some of her stuff :)

I swear this girl needs to get a Grammy or something. I could listen to her voice forever :)

xoxo vami-kat

Sunday, 18 March 2012

We Never Change do we?

My name is Vamika and I love feathers.

Random right? Not really. I felt like that was necessary. If you don't just say something straightforward and simple like that and keep your mouth shut, it's like asking for your own downfall.
Everybody talks and everybody talks bull. And that's a fact.

Wear makeup? They think you're trying to impress the guys and make the girls jealous.

Say what you think? They think you're an arrogant, bitchy big-mouth

Wear a mini-skirt or hot shorts? They think you're a slutty hoe and an attention whore.

Study and do well in school? They think you're a nerd.

Skinnier than others coz you were born that way? They stare and call you anorexic.

Never had a boyfriend? They think you're a lonely loser.

Don't do well in school? They call you dumb and worthless.

Openly feel proud of your achievements? They call you a self-centered egotistical bragger.

You don't look like some sort of Barbie clone? They call you ugly.

Seems like all everybody does is judge. They watch your every move like hawks, ready to pounce on each and every flaw they find, wave it around in your face till they break you down and you crumble away. Till you become of a shell of who used to be. And they win. Those evil fake eyes that hide behind cellphones and Facebook and think it's just OKAY to go ahead and say those things. THEY win. You know what? Screw them. If YOU are happy and confident and comfortable in your own skin, then nothing else matters. You are unique and special and if people have a problem with that then let them. It's only their opinion. There are gazillions of people of out there who will probably love the person that you are and there are already a lot of people of who already do. You just haven't realised it yet.

"Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect" -Demi Lovato

A lovely song... :)

Do you even know how many people have been driven to suicide because of bullying? No, you probably don't.
And it makes me sad, that frankly, not a lot of people care. Until they become the victim and realise that its real. It happens. Every. Single. Day.

While you're reading this, somebody is being bullied. Somebody is trying to take their own life. Somebody is crying and thinking what's wrong with them. When nothing is.

Humans can't help but judge others. But sometimes it goes a little beyond that. They forget what they're doing, they get carried away.

Beat bullying HERE cos honestly, everybody's just sick of it.

We never change do we?

 This song needs to be heard. Simply beautiful :) xo

On the brighter side of things....

Hold your pride, gather up your courage and face those evil people who think they know everything. Coz you know what? They effing don't.

I swear, Taylor Swift has a song for every situation. There's a reason this song got nominated for a most inspirational video award.

All that said, I must go and finish my homework now. I hope even a tiny bit of what I said today, spoke to your heart. I really hope so.

xoxo vami-kat
P.S You are perfect because you are imperfect. Perfect is boring and lifeless. Perfect is nothing and nothing is perfect. What makes life so perfect is that it's imperfect. The drama, the flaws, the tears and all those crazy things add up together to make a beautiful life. A beautiful life that's yours. Don't give up. You're strong enough to move on and live your life the way you want to. Cherish, love and enjoy that imperfectly perfect life of yours. Y.O.L.O :) #ThatsHowWeDoIt

Saturday, 17 March 2012

This is not a Drive Byyyy....

Nope, its most definitely not. I'm here for the long haul today. Expect a long rant and ramble then ;)

Hi everyone :)
Lol. So I must post this song before I forget to..

I fell in love with Train since *Hey Soul Sister*
Remember that absolute beaut of a song? :) Yeah, of course you do

Anyways, I watched Journey 2 yesterday. You know that new movie with that absolute cute pie  Josh Hutcherson? Yeah, that one. 'Twas quite lovely actually...but then, I AM  a sucker for cheesy, non-realistic movies. But that's just meee ^_^  xo

Gahhh...this girl is too goshdarn beautiful. That hair <3

This is seriously making my mouth water right now :P Grimaldi's hot and cheesy pizza

Now that's one hell of a kick-ass mug. J'adore XD


Now I must leave to finish my game of Angry Birds, work on my Martin Luther King bio for homework and THEN start writing my fashion coloumn for the school's annual French magazine. Of which I am also the editor of. I know, that made me sound so important and cool didn't it? 'Twas the point..
Don't burst my bubble okay? :D Lol, I depart with this pote song
That is one awesome song :) Just saying
xoxo vami-kat 
P.S Keep calm and follow this blog ;) x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

She's Like Cold Coffee in the Morning...

Just listened to this song :

Quite the country song but very honest :) And speaks the truth
Speaking of truth, I saw this absolutely beautiful status on Facebook. So I like totally stole it (sshh don't tell!) and yeah now I'm posting it here ;)
Bahaha XD

Don't Cry,♥
because someone is falling in love with Your eyes.♥
Don't Scream,♥
because someone is falling in love with Your voice.♥
Don't Frown,♥
because someone is falling in love with Your smile.♥
Don't Hide,♥
Because someone out there is looking for You....;)

Cuteness ;)

 Cold Coffee :P --Ed Sheeran

xoxo vami-kat
P.S Keep calm and Listen to Ed Sheeran #MottoOfLife...oh and visit THIS Tumblr ;)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tests -_-

It's not very fun having a test EVERY SINGLE DAY of the week. Nope, not fun at all.
Especially when a 16-marks worth listening question kills you. Kills you DEAD.

Anyways :)

I am living a life of hell because my MOTHER (yes, that lovely woman who gave birth to me and then decided to hate me when I became a teenager) has confiscated my iPod so I have no Ed Sheeran, no Coldplay, zip zero zilch. -__- Therefore, no Replay Wednesday post. Again.Sorry about that
Now I must bid you adieu to go and study for my finance test tomorrow. Joy of all joys *eye roll*

 This is the pote :D

And so is this :)

xoxo vami-kat