Sunday, 18 March 2012

We Never Change do we?

My name is Vamika and I love feathers.

Random right? Not really. I felt like that was necessary. If you don't just say something straightforward and simple like that and keep your mouth shut, it's like asking for your own downfall.
Everybody talks and everybody talks bull. And that's a fact.

Wear makeup? They think you're trying to impress the guys and make the girls jealous.

Say what you think? They think you're an arrogant, bitchy big-mouth

Wear a mini-skirt or hot shorts? They think you're a slutty hoe and an attention whore.

Study and do well in school? They think you're a nerd.

Skinnier than others coz you were born that way? They stare and call you anorexic.

Never had a boyfriend? They think you're a lonely loser.

Don't do well in school? They call you dumb and worthless.

Openly feel proud of your achievements? They call you a self-centered egotistical bragger.

You don't look like some sort of Barbie clone? They call you ugly.

Seems like all everybody does is judge. They watch your every move like hawks, ready to pounce on each and every flaw they find, wave it around in your face till they break you down and you crumble away. Till you become of a shell of who used to be. And they win. Those evil fake eyes that hide behind cellphones and Facebook and think it's just OKAY to go ahead and say those things. THEY win. You know what? Screw them. If YOU are happy and confident and comfortable in your own skin, then nothing else matters. You are unique and special and if people have a problem with that then let them. It's only their opinion. There are gazillions of people of out there who will probably love the person that you are and there are already a lot of people of who already do. You just haven't realised it yet.

"Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect" -Demi Lovato

A lovely song... :)

Do you even know how many people have been driven to suicide because of bullying? No, you probably don't.
And it makes me sad, that frankly, not a lot of people care. Until they become the victim and realise that its real. It happens. Every. Single. Day.

While you're reading this, somebody is being bullied. Somebody is trying to take their own life. Somebody is crying and thinking what's wrong with them. When nothing is.

Humans can't help but judge others. But sometimes it goes a little beyond that. They forget what they're doing, they get carried away.

Beat bullying HERE cos honestly, everybody's just sick of it.

We never change do we?

 This song needs to be heard. Simply beautiful :) xo

On the brighter side of things....

Hold your pride, gather up your courage and face those evil people who think they know everything. Coz you know what? They effing don't.

I swear, Taylor Swift has a song for every situation. There's a reason this song got nominated for a most inspirational video award.

All that said, I must go and finish my homework now. I hope even a tiny bit of what I said today, spoke to your heart. I really hope so.

xoxo vami-kat
P.S You are perfect because you are imperfect. Perfect is boring and lifeless. Perfect is nothing and nothing is perfect. What makes life so perfect is that it's imperfect. The drama, the flaws, the tears and all those crazy things add up together to make a beautiful life. A beautiful life that's yours. Don't give up. You're strong enough to move on and live your life the way you want to. Cherish, love and enjoy that imperfectly perfect life of yours. Y.O.L.O :) #ThatsHowWeDoIt

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