Saturday, 17 March 2012

This is not a Drive Byyyy....

Nope, its most definitely not. I'm here for the long haul today. Expect a long rant and ramble then ;)

Hi everyone :)
Lol. So I must post this song before I forget to..

I fell in love with Train since *Hey Soul Sister*
Remember that absolute beaut of a song? :) Yeah, of course you do

Anyways, I watched Journey 2 yesterday. You know that new movie with that absolute cute pie  Josh Hutcherson? Yeah, that one. 'Twas quite lovely actually...but then, I AM  a sucker for cheesy, non-realistic movies. But that's just meee ^_^  xo

Gahhh...this girl is too goshdarn beautiful. That hair <3

This is seriously making my mouth water right now :P Grimaldi's hot and cheesy pizza

Now that's one hell of a kick-ass mug. J'adore XD


Now I must leave to finish my game of Angry Birds, work on my Martin Luther King bio for homework and THEN start writing my fashion coloumn for the school's annual French magazine. Of which I am also the editor of. I know, that made me sound so important and cool didn't it? 'Twas the point..
Don't burst my bubble okay? :D Lol, I depart with this pote song
That is one awesome song :) Just saying
xoxo vami-kat 
P.S Keep calm and follow this blog ;) x

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