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Taylor Swift: "Red" Album

October 22nd was marked on my calendar literally a month ago- written "The Red era begins!"
Like, I have been excited about this new album since well, forever.
Being one of those hardcore Swift fans you know?

I don't know, I hear everyday, people talking about they much hate Taylor Swift and her music. And I think, how?
How could you possible dislike her music? Well, I don't know. I guess people have their different opinions.
For me, I love Taylor because she writes the most meaningful songs you hear today. They come from who she is, her heart and soul.
I think that when artists sing songs made by other composers and lyricists, it's meaningless. It's not music from the soul. It's like singing words put into your mouth by somebody else. And where's the passion and emotion in that?
With Taylor's songs, I know that everything she's singing about is from her and she is actually feeling and thinking about what she's singing about. Her love, passion for her music and the emotions she puts in her songs, is contagious, which is why she has such a huge fan base.
Her songs resonate and relate. And that's why I love her.

She gives music a meaning.

So I figured, maybe if there are some Swifties out there who think of her like that or just, if you wanna hear the album, then I'd let you hear it right here:

 State of Grace is the opening track and its one hell of a opener. Great thumping beat, like a big brass fanfare, almost like saying "Hey, you're in for a big ride when listening to this record!!"
It's not one of my favourite tracks but there's something oddly hypnotic about it which will keep it stuck in your head. Also, it's quite reminiscent of some good relatable rock, and it sounds like it got a little bit of a U2 soak.
Best lyric:  Love is a ruthless game
                                  Unless you play it good and right

Ahh, now here's the big, loud title song which is meant to hook you in. I think it's really good, another one of the more pop songs about a "burning red relationship" 
I think with time, we'll all figure out who it's about ;) There's a lot of electronic influence in the chorus which will certainly appeal to the more Top 40-minded fans.
Best lyric: Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ending so suddenly

 In order to catch our breath after the platter of different, experimental songs we just heard, Taylor takes us back in time to her more rich, country songs. Think a melancholy version of Love Story or Fifteen but with a little bit of New Taylor mixed in. It's more mellow, one of those wallflower tracks that nobody really pays too much attention to. Still, It's lovely and the longing lyrics are beautiful in their simplicity.
Best lyric: And all we are is skin and bone trained to get along
          Forever going with the flow but you're friction
*I don't know, there's something so raw and real about that lyric. Just makes you want to contemplate life and love all over again.*

I think the whole world was pretty much stoked/shocked/horrified/excited/freaked out/excited to hear Taylor Swift, yes, Taylor Swift, do dubstep. The song starts off with a good ol' bublegum pop guitar melody, which reminds me of a heavy pop Katy Perry/Jessie J song, and then smoothly flabbergasts us with the change over to dubstep in the chorus. The lyrics are definitely weaker here compared to the other tracks, but I think that's probably because Taylor wanted the main focus to be obviously, the music. Also, another thing I loved was the resounding "Troubles" in the chorus, perfectly in sync with the dubstep thing, you know?
Best lyric:  A new notch in your belt is all I’ll ever be

 Before we get too caught up in the dubstep whirlwind, we're hit by this refreshing, classic Taylor song *which I'm pretty sure is about Jake Gyllenhaal* and it feels every old Taylor song from Fearless and Speak Now, just rolled into one. The start of the song takes me back to my bedroom two years ago, staring out the window, listening to the Fearless album on repeat after school. This was definitely one of the best tracks, lyrically speaking. There's so much emotion in them and it feels like the music is just there to accompany the story of the lyrics.
Best lyric: I'm a crumbled up piece of paper lying here
         Cause I remember it all all all too well

This is probably my least favourite track on the entire album. It's such blunt "bubblegum pop" almost, that well, I don't like it, honestly. Also, it reminds me WAY too much of I Like It  Like That by Hot Chelle Rae. Way too much
Best lyric: We're happy free confused and lonely at the same time

For a change, Taylor sings about her actually breaking someone else's heart. Well. That's new.
This song sometimes feels like it belongs in Speak Now alongside Back to December. I'm not too much of a fan of the chords but the gentle acoustic guitar is a comforting and lovely presence. The bridge is beautiful by the way. Changes your whole perception of the whole song, lyrically and musically.
Best lyric: And I hope sometimes you wonder about me 

What can I say about this one? Everybody loves it. I think it's a little too pop-y and kitschy for me but it's certainly VERY catchy. Let me tell you, this song spells nothing but that wonderful, gleeful feeling of finally being over that someone.
Best lyric:  And you, would hide away and find your peace of mind
            With some indie record that's much cooler than mine

Now we've got this hunky-dory country song. Again, I'm not a super fan of this but the lyrics are honest and ring true.
Best lyric: Cause I read you should never leave a file unresolved

Definitely my favourite track on the whole album. Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody and Taylor Swift's hushed duet brings chills. From the soft, sombre start to the dramatic, harmonious coda that leaves you wishing the song was just a little longer. Also, their voices together are just perfect. His, full of honesty, maturity and reminiscence. Hers, a girlish confessional full of innocence.
Best lyric: You break my heart in the blink of an eye

I quite like this one. It's fun. It starts off with a little bit of acoustic guitar and then you're pleasantly surprised by this toe-tapping drum beat and you're taken on this explosive ride of a song. I think a nioce word to describe it would be to say it's exhilarating. And you feel like you're living the song right along with Taylor. The lyrics are also ace by the way.
Best lyric: Back when you fit my poems like a perfect rhyme

Also, another one of my favourites. The song is a rich, swaying number with a gentle acoustic guitar accompaniment and this lovely haunting guitar melody that is a continuous feature throughout the song. It's lovely and the lyrics are quite literally like pouring your heart out, excuse the cliche. However, they're emotional and beautiful. The harmonies and strings that drop in at the end add to the haunting melodrama are a big plus point.
Best lyric: Words, how little they mean when you're a little too late

I'm a huge fan of this track because it's different. It's not about boys or love stories (refreshingly) but instead, Taylor's written about the folk-pop star Joni Mitchell whom she's meant to play in a movie called "Girls Like Us". The lilting  rhythm and the amazing acoustic guitar are big reasons for it sounding great. The lyrics are a masterpiece, cautionary and open but not clearly blatant. It's also very catchy (I caught myself humming it in drama class today) and kudos to Taylor for writing such a great song and adding the perfect music to compliment it. Also, its the thirteenth track so you gotta know it's already special.
Best lyric: Cause you don’t feel pretty, you just feel used.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are my top two favourite artists ever so when I found out they were doing a duet together...well, let's just say it was scream-worthy news for me. I think this is just beautiful. The gorgeous guitar melody and the sweet lyrics about meeting someone who you just can't shake out of your mind and thinking it's love.  Gosh, I love it. My only regret is that Ed didn't sing a lot.
Best lyric: Your eyes look like coming home

This another one of those pop anthems, strategically placed to take a breather from those heart-wrenching, deep songs previously heard. It's fun and I like it better than 22 certainly. The lyrics were fantastic though.
Best lyric: You spend your whole life singing the blues that you keep thinking that way

This is one of those songs where you have to wait for a while for it grown on you and hit you with its full impact. Regardless, it's a sweet romantic love song with the classic guitar and Taylor's forlorn lyrics and it feels like it may as well have slipped off Speak Now. Even so, this song is like a lovely French macaroon. Devour it like a dream.
And can I just say that the video is set in Paris and Taylor looks like she's in the fifties (my favourite era) and that guy is so gorgeous and ohmygod the whole video reminds me of The Notebook??
Fangirling never felt this good.
And it's funny how the last track of the album is called "Begin Again", telling you to start the album all over again :)
Best lyric: Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end

Listening to Red is like reading a particularly delectable book on a rainy day and crying and laughing and sighing along with it.

xoxo vami-kat

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