Friday, 30 March 2012

What are Friends for?

To answer that question...

*2am phone calls. Covering for each other when the parental units attack.  Taking crazy pictures together. Comforting each other through dark times. Bitching and backstabbing each other then making up. Getting an honest opinion on an outfit or look. Laughing about awesome inside jokes. Acting absolutely mental. Midnight feasts. Pillow fights. Sharing a single-person umbrella with. Telling each other EVERY SINGLE detail about that guy in your life.  Having stupid, meaningless conversations about stupid, meaningless things. Sharing junk food and Coke with each other. Dancing cheesily to loud music in each others bedrooms. Doing each others hair, makeup and nails. Having each others back 24/7 :)*

 Today was a lovely rainy, cloudy day. And then the sun cam out and made everything shine golden :)
And of course, we took some pictures *obviously*

BTW moi is the girl in the glasses :D

My favourite :)

OMW we look like retards...but its natural ;) Haha Nandini

To all my lovely friends.....ILoveYouAlways

xoxo vami-kat

P.S Friends forever