Friday, 29 July 2011

Life Lesson #2: Chicken farms are really messy places

Yesterday a bunch of us went to a chicken farm for a geography field trip. In case you're wondering, we were studying industries in class. So first of all, they made us all wear icky hairnets that made us look like a flock of lunch ladies that were roaming around in the middle of nowhere. Then, before going in to every chicken house we had to dip the soles of our feet into mucky water that was meant to get rid of germs so that the chickens would be safe. What was worse, was that I was wearing my cool suede boots!! And they got super dirty after gallivanting around the place. From the moment we arrived, if stank. And in the big chicken house, we could barely breathe! So if you're planning to visit a chicken farm soon, make sure your hair is hairnet ready and you're wearing your most fugliest shoes. Cause trust me,its gonna get dirty...
xoxo vami-kat

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