Friday, 26 August 2011

Life Lesson #4: Don't listen to your friend cracking jokes while you're drinking a milkshake

Well, this is embarrassing! Yesterday, I went to my friend Niloufar's house. We had a totally hilarious time! Unfortunately, while Niloufar cracked a super funny joke, I was taking a sip of my strawberry milkshake and....BAM!! It all went flying! I swear, it was the most funniest moment of my life! The milkshake literally squirted out of my mouth at full force- it was all over my face, glasses and top!!! And Niloufar, the good friend that she is, just burst out laughing!!! Seriously! The entire time, she was literally rolling on the floor laughing!! God, what a crazy time!!! :D lmao

Imagine that exploding all over you!!!

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