Friday, 2 September 2011

Meet the Pretty Amazing Zoe Damacela!!

Meet Zoe Damacela- she's pretty amazing.
Zoe used to live in a homeless shelter till she started a clothing business all by herself. She learned how to sew at the age of 14 and started taking business classes so that she could create her own business plan. She eventually launched her own website where she started selling her clothes. In fact, she still sells clothes from her dorm room. Zoe also donates her clothes to homeless shelters and charity fashion shows. Zoe sold her first garment for only $13 but now, some of her dresses are sold at up to $300!!

Zoe is currently studying history/costume design/Italian at Northwestern University.

Zoe had to compete with 4 other girls to be on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. The 5 finalists flew out to New York for their photoshoots and the finale.The contest finale was aired on MTV on September 30 and Zoe emerged the winner. The judges were Miranda Cosgrove (actress/singer), Ann Shoket (editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine USA) and Jared Eng (founder of and

Find Zoe on Facebook HERE. And see all the finalists and their stories HERE

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