Sunday, 16 October 2011


Some lovely sets for you!
You are an angel..
This set is picture perfect. I love the colour scheme and the way the outfit is accessorized with blue accents. The hair looks perfect and the jewellery is amazing. And those gloves!!! How I'd love to own a pair of those! *lost in a daydream*

You are a fantastic dancer
Isn't this so beautiful? This picture gets me all nostalgic because I used to be a ballerina once, myself. This set portrays the grace, glamour and beauty of ballet perfectly.

Le monde
This so pretty! I love the soft pastel hues of blush pink and sky blue interwined together. And those beautiful shoes are killer! Definitely something to add to my wish list! I think this set is tres chic and girly; just the way I like it.

 You're obviously wondering why I put this here ;) Well, lets just say that I love this song and I though it would be nice to put some music in this post but still keep it relevant to fashion. And who doesn't love this song? It's a mix of French words, designer brand names and Lady Gaga-ness. Enjoy ;D

xoxo vami-kat


  1. the first one is amazing!!!!
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  2. thanks you! I'd love to do that! I followed your blog, pls follow back! :) thanks xoxo <3