Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Its the day of spooks!! *ignore the false enthusiasm* But seriously, it's depressing how Botswana absolutely DOES NOT CARE about Halloween and make it special in any way. Nothing is done here to commemorate Halloween. So this is my honorary post for Halloween. For all you lucky people out there who are dressing up, partying and just having some good ol' scary fun...this one's for you :)

So here's a couple of epic Halloween costumes I found..well not all of them are SPECTACULAR but its just fun to see the results of celebrities' imaginations :)

Gosh, this is hilarious!!!

Kim Kardashian>>>>interesting to see her with red hair

AnnaLynne McCord and her sisters
Guess who? It's Katy Perry!

This is probably the craziest costume I've ever seen!! And it's Heidi Klum!!!  

Ooooo...I like these nails :) 

The PLL girls!!

And now for some videos>>>>

Happy Gagaween!!! You can see all of her epic costumes in this hilarious vid!! :D

Cool Halloween light show to a background of Party Rock by LMFAO

Top Halloween Movies:

Paranormal Activity movies
The Hills Have Eyes
The Wrong Turn
Nightmare on Elm Street

Happy Halloween everybody!!!! Get spooked!!! *evil grin*

xoxo vami-kat

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