Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lighting Up People's Words

This day has been marked on my calendar for ages now. Today is Diwali. The festival of lights celebrated by Hindus (in case you're wondering, I myself am a Hindu). This festival isn't just about lights though. For Hindus, it marks a new year, a new beginning. A chance to forgive and forget everything from the past and move forward with life. A chance to turn over new leaves and accept new things. And of course, to enjoy the amazing food that's made on Indian occasions such as these! 
I'm feeling great today. Mainly because I could sleep in and not have to worry about school *yes, our school gave today off for Hindus. Sometimes I really love my those people* 
Well apart from Diwali I wanna talk about last night, which, let's just say, experienced the absence of light. Confused? Well, last night was my school's yearly musical showcase called Tutti and Soli. The name means "everyone" and "solo" in Italian. The orchestra performed three pieces (in which I played the flute) and I also played a flute duet composed by one of my friends. The highlight of the show was a beautiful duet with a guitar and flute. The romantic piece was called "Blue Hill" and was composed by the guitarist himself. It was definitely a major crowd-pleaser. Well unfortunately the concert was cut short due to a power failure. So yes, it was sure a hectic night due to frantic rehearsals and trying to find your friends and fellow performers in pitch-black dark. And the agonising fact was that it was crazy hot yesterday so all of us were basically sweating swimming pools under the harsh spotlights, however disgusting that sounds. Anyways I wanted to share a beautiful post from one of my friend's blogs which was a moving poem that was performed last night. Well, see for yourself below
I really hope you enjoyed that :)

Happy Diwali everyone!!!! :D

xoxo vami-kat

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