Friday, 4 November 2011

'Cause Music Makes My Life Complete...

What is wrong with my friend Natasha? Why does she have to have the coolest blog ever?? I seriously never get tired of reading it...the beautiful quotes and thoughts she shares are truly inspiring.  I just recently visited her blog and there was this amazing post on music...I'm gonna throw one of the awesome pictures that were featured on it. Click HERE to read her awesome post

Anyways, reading Natasha's post inspired me to make my own post about music. I'd been thinking of doing it for a while but this couldn't have been more of a perfect time since my music theory exam is tomorrow and my flute exam in 2 I'm filled with all sorts of things about treble clefs and crazy stuff like that. *Trust me, you don't wanna know, music theory is SUPER boring*
But what I mean is, music means A LOT to me. There have been times where I thought nobody was there for me but music always made things better. If you ask what's more important to me between a cellphone and an iPod, I will always reply 'iPod'.  I can't live without it and it becomes my best friend when I feel alone. Without music, my life would not be complete. Simple as that. I feel proud that I play not only one, but two instruments and I know how songs are written and composed and are brought to life. It's like knowing a secret language that not everybody is able to learn. Remember: music is always inside you. It's your job to let it out.

xoxo vami-kat

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