Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dare Yourself

I found this picture online yesterday and I think it sums up my bucket list quite perfectly :) The full list, of course, is oodles longer and you can find it on my About Me page.
Anyways...I wanted to share a little something that one of my friends [[her name's Weiqi, pronounced why-chi]] said yesterday..here it is

"Life is nothing without dares"

What she said really had a lasting effect. If you don't live life without daring yourself to do new and difficult things, taking chances, taking risks...then what life are you living? Push yourself out of your comfort zone, think outside of the box. Turn that ordinary life your living into something more special. Make each and every day you live worth living. 
Don't sit around waiting for destiny to happen. Make it yourself.

You've only got one life...why not make the most of it? :D

This song that I've put is not only a fun and groovy song to rock out to but it has a meaning. A meaning that many people ignore and don't actually realize is there. 
The message of this song is to never be scared of what could happen, be scared of what couldn't happen. Confused? Listen to the lyrics. Let them speak the story of the song. 

Seize the moment...don't let it slip away...

***This post is dedicated to my friend Weiqi :) Just because she loves the song "Hit the Lights" and of course, for giving me that inspirational quote. Love you lots!! :D

xoxo vami-kat

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