Friday, 9 December 2011

Back to Blogging!! :D feels so good to get back to pure ol' proper blogging again :) I don't have a lot of stuff to blog about right now though....ooh wait!! Well, when I got on yet another plane yesterday, who do my Mom and I find ourselves sitting next to?? None other than famous Bollywood director, Imtiaz Ali. Most of you guys won't know him, cause,well, he's from Bollywood. But if you do, then he's the director of hit movies like Love Aaj Kal and Rockstar. Anyways,we totally didn't know who we were sitting next to till a couple of people came and started fawning over him asking to take a picture with him. I couldn't help but laugh over our stupidity and ignorance of the man till one of his fans explained to us who was, basically making us feel like idiots. XD Anyways hopefully I should be getting my braces out over the next few days. Gosh, it will feel so damn GOOD to not be called a brace-face anymore and to eat chocolate and nuts and sticky food with absolute freedom :D Haha

So I think it's time for a nice little song and picture right? Teehee, listen to this:

And time for some piccies!!!":D

Cause the Christmas countdown has begun :)

Lol, isn't this funny?

xoxo vami-kat


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