Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fashion Files: Blake Lively

NEW SEGMENT!! This blog really doesn't get a big enough dose of fashion. When I first started this blog, I wanted to make one of its primary focuses fashion. And look what happened? Well all that's about to change with the new Fashion Files section. Here's what it's gonna be:

Every week (on any random day) I'll do a post which focuses on a particular designer, brand, celebrity, type of accessory or garment. Anything related to fashion, really. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna post all my favourite looks and give my views on them. This way, you guys can get more of a clearer insight into my personal style as well.
So this week I'm starting with Blake Lively, the It Girl famous for being Serena on Gossip Girl (which is the coolest show ever!) Blake is known for her chic, individual style and is a favourite with Karl Lagerfeld (she was his muse!) Here are her top looks (in my opinion):

Blake wore this beautiful dress to the BAFTAs this year. Personally, I love silvery white princess dresses like these. I like that this dress doesn't look heavy but light, airy and floaty which gives it a pretty, magical look.

This was at the CinemaCon awards. Blake went with this bold, ruffled red dress and paired it with glittering silver accessories. I think it looked tres cute and daring. The colour was fabulous and the detailing, perfection. I LOVE the shoes. Definitely something to add to my wish list.

For some reason, this dress makes me think of, like, a Westernised modern silver sari. Made by Chanel. How cool is that? I think Blake looks like a Grecian princess here. I'm not crazy about the makeup but nevertheless she looks amazing. 
Another cute mini-dress!! Of course the colour is fabulicious on Blake and the dress is pretty...but what do I really love about this outfit? I have to say, the accessories. The colour of the earrings and the chunky bracelet matches the dress so PERFECTLY. They go together like Copy and Paste :) Tres jolie! 

After recovering from the shock that Blake dyed her hair red (!!), I could finally scrutinize that dress. I like the way she kept it simple by not wearing too many accessories so as to not compete with the dress and her hair. I think it's the simplicity and the effortless beauty of the dress that I really love. The dress actually reminds me of the ocean with that airy look and all the light mixes of blues. She looks timeless. 

You have to look good while accepting a style award and Miss Lively did just that. This dress is fun, it's a super hot colour (hello, electric blue!) and the ruffles in the front really spice it up. But I think my favourite part is the accessories once again. Those to-die-for gold bangles really give the outfit a fun edge and hello? Those purple heels? Drop. Dead. Fabulous.

Okay so this dress is from Gossip Girl so it doesn't really count but come on!! It's amazingly fabulously AWESOME. The makeup, hair and shoes just make it better. It's daring and hot. Deal with it
This is something that's a little more casual but nothing less than those red carpet looks you've just seen. The colours go amazingly together and I ADORE those shoes. And the makeup.  And the hair. Teehee ;)
And finally that pretty blue Tibi confection worn by not only Blake but Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande as well!! I think Blake looks radiant in this pic. Her hair and makeup are expertly done too. I know a lot of people weren't big fans of the shoes but I think they look great. They're unique and individual and stay true to Blake's personal style. I think that this is my favourite look from Blake. One day, I swear I'll go and raid her this space ;)

xoxo vami-kat

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