Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February Dreaming


Pinch and a punch, it's the first day of the month! Okay...uhm, that was lame. Gahhhh -_-
So guys, its February!!! Seriously?? Wasn't it like, yesterday, when we were celebrating the New Year *shakes head from side to side* Where has the time gone people??
More importantly, February is the month of LUUURRRVVVE. Yes. There. I said it :P
'Tis the time when MaP's SAC (Student Advisory Council) comes round to each classroom bearing gifts wrapped in shiny red paper and little chocolate bears with fluffy teddies. Now I would simply say PUKE to that because, well, I'm single this year (like ALWAYS) >.< And there is no FAT chance I'm getting zip this year -_- so I'ma stick my headphones in and ignore all the hoo-haa (a.k.a roses everywhere, shy smiles, couples holding hands, giant red hearts in shop windows with mannequins dressed up in red and white nighties which, erm WTF? OH and the fact that I'm single -_-) and I'ma just....

Oh yeah!!! That's the way I roll... ;) Teehee

xoxo vami-kat 

P.S Just 'cause a girl's single on V. Day does NOT mean she should stop dreaming :)

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