Monday, 6 February 2012

It's...Monday -_- we go again. ANOTHER long week till the weekend comes. Bleugh >.< It rained like HELL today. And I had to walk through it across the school campus. By the time my fellow classmates and I reached the safety of the French rooms, our bags were dripping water, our hair was wet and stringy and we looked like we'd decided to jump in the pool with our clothes on. Not. Cool. Although I have to say, thinking about it now, it was kinda fun. Bahhaha :D

Possibly the most AWESOMEST cover of a MJ song EVER. I stand to be corrected :D

Merci Katarina for this fabbie-doobie [[my retarded way of saying fabulous XD]] tune :)

Its COLDPLAY! Nuff' said :)

Block out the blah that people sometimes say to you and listen to this song :) That's my tip of the day ;)

xoxo vami-kat

P.S You should try running in the pouring rain. Or just standing there. Atleast you'll be able to say that I did something that Adam Levine didn't mind doing. Get it? From She Will Be Loved?? Never mind...but try it!! Teehee :) I won't be held responsible for any colds and coughs you develop afterwards :D

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