Friday, 24 February 2012

Lemon Blazers kinda Rock ;)

I'm not the BIGGEST fan of the Kardashians...or the Jenners... or the whole extended family...whatever they are. But if I had to say who was my favourite...I'd pick Kendall Jenner. Probably because she has the best fashion sense and looks well, the most sanest. But honestly, I can't judge 'cos I really don't watch the Kardashians' ANYWHO :D
I do quite like this outfit. It's gorgeous and simple and I think I'd DEFFO wear it myself. Yes, yes I would :)

I spent the whole afternoon with Ed Sheeran's "The A Team" on replay while browsing through the gigantic pile of magazines that my crazy but lovely friend Kat, made me lug around at school today. Big *mercis* to you, Kat. I enjoyed the mags, quite thoroughly :) I actually just realised that I didn't do a Replay Wednesday post this week, because it just SLIPPED my mind. I apologise profusely about that. I'll be posting the lyrics for "The A Team" later on today :)
So here's hoping, you have a great Friday :) I have no school, because it's MID-TERM!!! Thank god for long weekends :)

I'm quite obsessed with this song too :D Linkin Park is kinda like my newfound music obsession. That and Ed Sheeran of course :P

xoxo vami-kat
P.S I'ma try wear something completely outta the ordinary this week *e.g a lemon blazer ;)* and start a new trend :) Coz it's good to be different. You shouldn't forget that..

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