Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Beautiful Mess :)

Lol, hi guys :) Just dropped by to express my love for this fantabulous blog, A Beautiful Mess

It's seriously one of the most fun, inspiring, informative and quirky blogs I've ever read. Here are a couple of posts I love, that I think give a pretty good insight into what the blog's really all about:

Mmmm...just think about devouring these warm, freshly baked NUTELLA sandwich cookies :P Yes!! Got you drooling didn't I? A Beautiful Mess posts a bunch of seriously delicious snack recipes. You can find the recipe for these lovely cookies HERE

Ohmigod words cannot describe how much I'm IN LOVE with this hairstyle. You can seriously find ANY type of braid tutorial at this blog. And the tutorials are fun, simple and devastatingly pretty :)
Find this Maiden Braid tutorial right HERE

A Beautiful Mess is also chock full of cute DIY projects and decor ideas. Learn how to make this adorable jewelry display HERE

There's also fun, quirky fashion finds galore as Elsie, the owner of this blog, runs a fabulously adorable fashion boutique called Red Velvet. You can see some of the cool stuff they sell on her blog as well as get exposed to a whole range of other great online shops that offer lovely vintage accessories, cameras, clothing and blog bling. Plus, these shops are forever hosting lucrative giveaways so you might end up winning something gorgeous!

If you're a budding photographer or even a pro, you can find some great tips and tricks at A Beautiful Mess, along with super creative ideas and stuff to experiment with, ensuring that you end up a happy snapper :) Check out Elsie's Camera List HERE

I do hope you check out this absolute gem of a blog. It's fabulous vraiment
So here's me, just spreadin' some good ol' blogger love and bidding you adieu *finally, she leaves!*
Lol :D

xoxo vami-kat

*All pictures (except the first one) are from A Beautiful Mess*

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