Thursday, 12 April 2012

May the Odds Be Ever in your Favour...

I am FINALLY hunkering down to write that Hunger Games post that I've been meaning to write in AGES.

Now, if you haven't heard of the Hunger Games, you must've been living under a rock or something, coz seriously, EVERYBODY knows the Hunger Games. Everybody.

It's a cult, a phenomenon, and I don't know, a MIRACLE or something.

I was one of the first people in our school to read the books. I remember they were new and fresh arrivals in our library and I picked up the first novel on a total whim, because I'd heard it was gonna be made into a movie soon. I started reading the first chapter thinking it was gonna be some boring book with only action and jungles and stuff. And trust me, I don't fangirl books like that.

But then, it changed. The book became so interesting and engaging, that I literally couldn't stop reading. It was addictive, like a drug. I remember taking the novels to cafes and outings with my parents and I just couldn't stop reading. Sometimes, my mom had to grab the book and keep it away for a while, because she feared I'd go cross-eyed, the amount of reading I was doing.

Then other people started getting into it. And before I knew it, the whole world was fangirl-ing this book series beside me. It was quite surreal, the way the Hunger Games burst onto the teen scene and topped every avid reader's list.

What I love *and I think everybody loves* about it, is that it's so different and unique. It's not like Twilight or Harry Potter, where the stories rely heavily on magical and supernatural things. It's not unrealistic.
In fact, it's a scary reminder of what the world could be like in a couple hundred years. Is Panem the kind of future we're heading towards?

The Hunger Games reminds us how scarily possessive, violent, cruel and cold-blooded the human race can be.  But it also reminds us that good always triumphs over evil and there are still good people out there. And if we work together, we can overthrow any rotten regime anytime

Another thing is that the Hunger Games melds action, adventure and all that grotty stuff, with love, emotion and romance so perfectly well. It's not in-your-face like Twilight *where love is the primary focus* but it's just the perfect metaphor of life. No overdose of kissing *ahem, Breaking Dawn* or weird ghoulish stuff. Just love, pure and simple. A few shared beautiful moments in a dark cave. Fighting for each others lives. That's real, that's pure, that's perfect.

Team Peeta :D Always

Oh and not to mention, this movie promotes girl power. There's no passive Bella Swan here. Katniss Everdeen is fierce and a fighter. Definitely no stay-at-home girl who only knows how to sew and cook. I mean, have you seen her with that bow and arrow??

She is truly the girl on fire..

I cannot WAIT to watch the movie. I'm going tomorrow and I'm so AMPED!!!!! It's gonna be epic :D

These two will arrive in Catching Fire, so keep calm and wait for them if you haven't read the books. Their love story is tragic, I must warn you though.

That's an amazing cake :P


xoxo vami-kat


hahahahahah #Death :D


  1. i have to say - i love your blog. it's really something special reading your posts. they're funny, informative. you rock, girl!

    xoxo, andie
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    1. ohmygoodness that just made my day!!! thank you :D you rock too!!! thanks for taking 2 mins from your time to read this blog each day. means a lot :) and tell your friends and family to check it out too!!! Xo