Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Met Gala Fashion 101

I don't really like imitating fashion/gossip sites that like to verbally deconstruct outfits at red carpet events, but for the Met Gala,  I'll make an exception. I mean, hello? The Met Gala is like a shiny beacon of fashion glory for a budding stylista like me to drool over impossibly intricate dresses accompanied with gasp-worthy price tags, with starry eyes and open jaws. Let my bespectacled, teenage-addled fashion observation begin :)

The way people were, *and still are*, salivating over this dress. I mean, can you believe this woman just had a baby? Admirable. Feathers seemed to be a trend and I definitely don't loathe them :) I love feathers and lace. And intricate gowns. And Givenchy, So for me, this dress was a winner :) It's beautiful and ornate, like a luxuriant piece of art. But you can't say any less for Givenchy Couture. If I was Blue Ivy from the future looking at an old pic of Mama B at the Met Gala of back in the day, I would be proud :)

Ahh Anna Wintour. Mother of fashion and reigning queen of Vogue. Everything she wears HAS to be holy right? Well, this look is as opulent and royal and queen-like as it should be. But I think I say no to bejeweled golden lobsters on a dress. And yes, those are lobsters, in case you were wondering. Perhaps her and Prada are simply embracing the animal-friendly age...?

I love this girl really. But I feel, she could've done better on this one. She looks a bit older and I think that for me, black and gold is a little passe. Or maybe it's just 'cause I'm getting flashbacks of Beyonce's dress at a previous Met Gala. Anywho, this dress is okay but for me, not a stunner.

 This woman is so beautiful, it hurts. I salute you, Jessica Alba. You look like a bronze goddess. Nuff said

I don't care what anyone says, Coco Rocha is rocking this outfit. It's fun, fresh and most of all, different.Oh and it's also vintage Givenchy :P From the hot pink dip-dyed locks *a la Lauren Conrad*, to the sparkly rock on her finger, I'm totally diggin' it. And yes, I'm aware how pathetic that sounded but there's no other way for me to express my love/lust for this look ;) Hell hath no beauty like a pretty model
Wait....did that make sense?

I really need to do a post on Lily Collins style. I think she looks so pretty and innocent and this whimsical *I love that word* Valentino confection makes her look like a British princess or something who just walked out of Pride and Prejudice. And you know me. I have a soft spot for anything with bows :)

I almost cried when I saw the disastrous dress Dianna Agron wore to the Emmys but this has made me smile again. The jewel tone teal *this year's trend* is gorgeous and that hair! So wispy and wavy and blonde... :)

I have to say, Emma Stone looks like a doll. Although the dress kinda reminds me of a toffee wrapper, it makes her look adorable. I'm not sure the shoes were the best choice but who cares? Heck yeah, she looks pretty, she's in love and she's got a new movie coming out. Her happiness is shining through :) By the way, the dress is Lanvin.

Emma Roberts hasn't really been on my best dressed list lately *her Coachella fashion made me gag* but I think she looks okay. This dress is pretty enough but I do have to say, the hair and makeup are kinda dull...Kudos for the jewellery though!

Yes, under that giant, sparkly cupcake of material, peeks out Florence Welch. I don't know about you, but I kinda love it. The actual dress itself looks like a glittering, luxuriant confection and I think the drama and theatrical-ness of it is very Florence Welch. It's big and bold and daring, a true Alexander McQueen creation. And kudos to Florence for the timeless hair and heels work :)

 Rosie Huntington-Whitely is a vision. I adore the ballerina bun *she has the body for it* and that perfectly sculpted Burberry dress sure accentuates it perfectly. I would so totally wear this to my ballet show after-party if, you know, I was a prima ballerina,

I don't think my love for Leighton Meester will ever diminish. After all, she made Blair Waldorf famous and I've looked up to her for a long time. I love dresses like these. The sparkly tight-fitting dress that flares out into ruffles and feathers in its wake. She's beautiful here :) I have no other words

I'm totally digging this look. It kinda looks bohemian with the necklace but it makes Diane Kruger look like a purple Prada fairy *minus the wings* from Gypsy-ville with a love for feathers. Whatever, I'm not complaining.

Can we all just swoon over Victoria Justice for a second? I mean, being a mere Victorious star, she made it to the Met Gala. And that too in a fun, flirty dress that has now changed my whole perception of her. The dress is totally age-appropriate *not too old or young* and its tasteful in a crazy, loud designer way, making it perfectly acceptable in the fashion industry. 

Marchesa is one of my favourite designers but this is not my favourite dress. Don't get me worng, Sofia Vergara looks pretty and everything but it just desn't wow me. Ehh...I'm bored -_-

Kate Bosworth looks quite the vampy vixen here. If it weren't for the feathers and bling though, I'd hate it.

Another boring one with Sarah Jessica Parker in Valentino. It's a bit too cutesy and 6-year-old dress up for my liking. A little passe, non?

Well folks, there you have it. Those were and are my favourite looks from the Met Gala 2012. This post took me like 2 hours to make so I shall go relax and watch Gossip Girl now. Enjoy the last day of my holidays...sigh.

xoxo vami-kat

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