Thursday, 31 May 2012

Never Grow Up

Ayyy...go check out this beaut of a blog Baked :) It's written by this spunky *I like that word* girl from Cape Town :) She's really rocking' okay? The chick's got style, I promise ;)

Moving on...wait hold it. I wanna show you something

I know, i know. You're thinking.."How random?"
But honestly. I'm kinda  paying homage to the little girls we all used to be (unless you're a guy reading this). The girls who dressed up Barbies all day, craved candy 24/7, who lived in a shiny, pink technicolour dreamworld full of fun. Ultimately all of us have to grow up. We have to move on and let past traditions go. We have to trade in our dinky frocks and sandals for Converse and hoodies (the darned angsty teenage phase) and finally start donning pristine stilettos and pencil skirts while flaunting our big *grown-up* careers.
Thinking about the future is downright scary (unless you're one of those sunny-side up optimists or something) but yeah. You don't know what you'll be doing, who you'll be with, where you'll be, WHO you'll be. You know nothing really

So I'm just saying, that hold on to today. Have as much fun as you can. Dress up, party, dance and LIVE because you'll have to leave everything behind some day. Don't forget, as you get older, your parents do too. One day you'll have to say goodbye to them. In a few years, you won't be running around in your PJs before bed, constantly arguing with your mother. At one point, there'll be no one to come home to that you can trust with your whole life. There'll be no one to ask you useless, mundane questions about school. No teachers to moan about, no more silly punishments from your parents. One day, you'll drift part from most of your friends. You'll forget those countless, little high school crushes. You'll hang up your uniform for good. Your school books will be thrown.
It's hard to imagine, that one day, your life will be NOTHING like it is.
So love and cherish what you have right now.
One day you'll look back and read old diary entries and dream about the person you used to be, the life you used to have.
Because, after all, we all have to grow up...

:) That is just heart-wrnechingly beautiful. First song that made me cry..

 Gosh...this is amazng
Haha :)
Have a lovely day and live it with an extra dose of sunshine from your childhood :)
xoxo vami-kat

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