Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wide Awake

So somehow, my blogger thingy is screwd up and I don't follow anyone anymore o.O Err...what the hell?
So yeah :|
I know it's been a while *pff, no kidding* but I'm just SO busy. Like, whoa.

I have three hour rehearsals for the production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat every night *you should see it, it's a fun musical with catchy tunes,* afternoon activities, school, homework and truckloads of exhaustion. Help me, I just drowned under my french essay!

So yeah, blogging kinda had to take a backseat. But I will stop telling you why I've been gone because too many bloggers do that and it's just annoying. about some music? :D

Katy Perry is like, the Betsey Johnson of music. Thank you for your fabulous tunes :)

xoxo vami-kat
P.S I PROMISE a longer post tomorrow! Pinky promise :)

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