Sunday, 10 June 2012

Inspired by LC

It's gonna be a different type of Snapshot Sunday today.
This one's inspired by a famous, supremely girly Cali girl. Yeah. her name's Lauren Conrad :) You must know her?
If you don't (hello, caveman) then she's written a couple of teen novels and a style guide and she's also a former TV star (The Hills, anybody?) turned fashion designer.

I think she's a lot like me (style-wise) so I checked her stuff out on The Coveteur (a site where you can see the biggest fashion heavyweights' most coveted items) and I'm just posting them here :)

 True Cali girls flaunt maxi dresses. J'adore the ruffly one :) 

This is some awesome photogrpahy. No, seriously. I love the whole distressed locker thing going on and then in the middle there's gorgeous Christian Louboutin bag (which looks supremely rock chic). How artful :O

Say hello to the star blazer of the LC by Lauren Conrad collection. Doesn't it remind you of the blazers worn by the Gleeks in a recent episode? :P

So like, isn't the colour of those Topshop heels just the bomb? Yes, LC thought so too..

There's that style guide I was talking about... :)

So I'm just gonna ask you to ignore the random vintage sleepwear and look at the amazing artful-ness of this. She ripped out every page from a book and stuck it on a wall so that a) It'd look vintage and profoundly interesting and b) When the wind blows the pages will flutter adding movement to the room. How cool is that? 

 The fringe on these heels remind me of a beaded curtain :) I guess they're good for showy days on the red carpet...

This is my favourite type of layout. Random pictures and knick-knacks all tacked up on a wall or board. Isn't the vintage jewelry on display here just gorgeous? *Sigh*
Hey, did anyone notice Scarlett Johansson in the corner?

I love those Keep Calm things :D 

I love black. I love leather. I love those vintage telephones. I love boots. I love wedges. A truly lovely combination...

I adore this picture. The teapot, the bow box, the old Chanel bottles, even the tiara! And you'l never guess, that was Lauren Conrad's homecoming crown

So I totally want that bag.. :O

This sassy ring speaks to my inner accessory junkie :)

 Anybody notice the birdcage frame at the back? Very, very arty chic :)

 'Cause everybody loves Audrey Hepburn's classic, timeless style :)

Those shoes are only exceptional for me because they have bows on them. Period ;)

 One of Lauren's fave Phillip Lim LBDs. I like the funk shoulder detailing 

Awww :) This reminds me of my own vintage golden locket that can open so you can put pictures or notes in them :)

What do you get when you place the holy fashion bible and YSL heels together like this? Pure, stylish, artistic excellence :P

'Cause ever true fashionista owns a Chanel item :)

How cute are those candle holders?

Source: The Coveteur

xoxo vami-kat


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