Friday, 27 July 2012

Les Olympics

I'm pretty sure the whole world will be ALL OVER the Olympics today and every blogger will be posting something about it, if they haven't already done so.
 But there's no harm in joining the masses is there? After all, we gotta show a little patriotism at some point right? ;)

Now I dislike sports *with the exception of badminton* and I think gymnastics and skating are amazing *not that I'd ever do them in a million years* and of course, I find archery wicked since I saw Katniss Everdeen flinging around her bow and arrow. And I do think synchronized swimming looks beautiful...but yet, even for the anti-sports girl like me, the Olympics is still  *quite* an exciting event. I mean, it's the Olympics. We wait four years for this thing and its only two weeks long (not long enough in my opinion) so who wouldn't be?
And just how can we miss the great pomp and circumstance with which it is done with and the grand affair that the event ultimately becomes?

I only pray those darn terrorists don't show up and ruin it. God knows, my country has endured enough of their crap.
But if they bring it to innocent people just enjoying their Olympics, well that would be sick and terrible and cruel.

I don't know, I think its artful ;)

 Britain's first Olympic champion was actually a minor Scottish aristocrat born in...India (!woohoo!)

They're jokingly described as two-parts teletubby and one-part lava lamp. Olympic mascot Wenlock is the official mascot for the 2012 London Summer Olympics :)

The oldest woman to have ever competed in the Olympic games was  equestrian Hilda L. Johnstone at age 70. She competed in the Dressage Event of the 1972 Munich games.

The five Olympic rings represent the five major regions of the world -Africa, the Americas, Oceania, Europe, Asia- and every single country in the world includes one of the colours- blue, black, yellow, green and red.

Danny Boyle, director of Slumdog Millioanire and 127 hours, is directing the London Olympics opening ceremony extravaganza.

I am actually watching the opening ceremony live at this very moment that I type this. Just saw the Botswana team walk out :) Totally freaked by the number of Chinese athletes....whoa!! So now I'm just waiting for India to walk out and then I'll head to bed. It's 11:52pm after all.
Studying for exams is a slow and painful death. Haha

xoxo vami-kat

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