Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Music Update

Good morning lovely readers! I think it's time for a good ol' music update dontcha think?
YES :)

Alrighty then. Your wish is my command :P

Yeah so I know the whole world is talking about this song (and wondering who it's about!) and it's not very "new" or "fresh" of me to post it here but hey, come on, I'm a die-hard Swiftie alright? Anyways, the song is great. Like, I get a bit of a Avril Lavigne vibe from it but it also has a certain sass that Tay-Tay possesses, which we saw a glimpse of in Better than Revenge. It's what you call a typical Swift song: it's about a breakup, it's anger-driven, it's a burner and it has a sure fierce message.

So this is my absolute jam right now. Just a really beautiful song. It kinda reminds you of rainy days and it's also a bit reminiscent of one of Adele's more raw and soulful ballads. There's just this quality to it. I probably think it's its simplicity. It's only a strong piano melody and lovely vocals. Anyways, I've got it on total replay right now.

First heard this song on a Johannesburg radio station over the weekend. I like the piano melody and this guy's voice is quite unique, I have to say. It's nice, a pleasant package of a song :)

Also discovered this on the SAME radio station (that's one heck of a radio station) and thought it was really beautiful. I LOVE the band's name, Mugshot. Just think it's so very clever and original ;) The song is great, it definitely has a strong Bon Iver feel to it, kind of folksy and bluesy and indie mixed in one. They're a South African band actually so I hope one day they could come and perform in Bots :)

Needless to say, I am totally obsessed with Civil Twilight. This is like, a totally great track, again with strong piano and that soulfullness that draws you in. The lyrics, I think, are gorgeous. Lyrical poetry at it's best :)

Another South African band!! No seriously, Prime Circle is fabulous. I always thought the lead singer's voice was weird but then I came to realise how unique, raw and wonderful it is. This is my favourite song from them :)

So I just had to throw in a mainstream party song in here :D

Like, no words for this song. I always love ballads with highlighted acoustic guitar melodies. I have to say, they're my weakness :) But seriously, this song is just amazeballs

Aww, remember this? Sorry, I'm still somewhat attached to my Disney-channel teeny-bopper Camp Rock-loving days through this song..

Great lyrics and catchy tune. Also very fun to sing along and harmonize with it ;)

xoxo vami-kat

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