Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Seventeen Mag: Nina Dobrev

So this month, in the American issue of Seventeen, Nina Dobrev is strutting her stuff for us in the latest fashions while dishing on her amazing love life (hello, she's dating Ian Somerhalder) and giving us fab workout tips, as it's a special fitness issue.
Which I really need, coz the only exercise I get is walking to the car.
And I'm so unfit I practically fall down while trying to put my skinny jeans on.

But no worries, I'm working on that :) Since Nina looks amazing I simply had to ogle over her naturally amazing hair and bright clothes.
Of course, I need some company to ogle with me so care to join me?
Sorry, you don't even have a choice if you've made it this far :P

Fact: Ms Dobrev used to be a pro gymnast when she was younger. Which means if she wasn't too busy being Elena and living in Mystic Falls right now, then she'd have been a second McKayla Maroney :P

xoxo vami-kat

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