Thursday, 18 August 2011

Life Lesson #3: Climbing onto your friend's wall is dangerous....but hilariously fun ;D

On Tuesday, I visited my friend Nandini's house for sundaes and makeovers. We took some pictures and I guess all the ice-cream we ate made us go sort of high since we ended up doing the craziest things! Well, it all started off with some harmless posing for the camera..but then we started going a little more goofy. By the end of the day, we were climbing up onto Nandini's front wall and sitting there laughing and taking pictures. Both of us even stood up onto the wall and I'm sure the people passing on the street must have had quite a surprise!! It was super scary but crazily fun!!! Warning: don't try this at home! ;)

I made it to the top!
"Look at me, I did it!!"

Having fun :)
"Oh, you know, I'm just sitting on my wall"

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