Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The World's Gonna End..

Tomorrow I start my third term of school and I'm freaking out. Why, you say? Well, apart from the fact that I had a really great holiday, hanging out with my friends, being able to blog regularly, spending time with my family and watching countless TV shows and movies? No, no reason at all. I know a lot of you across the globe have already started school and have settled back into the routine which is so well-accustomed to unwanted extra-curriculars and unthinkable amounts of homework. So you've already left this awful feeling behind you. But today I won't bore you with how pissed off I am that tomorrow at this time, I will be probably be sitting in the most yawn-worthy maths lesson and instead focus on the positives. After all, life is a lot easier and more shiny in the world of optimists. So I have decided to inspire myself and all others who are going back to school with a few quotes and a special song which has constantly been on replay this morning and has inspired me to stop being lazy and write this post. If you're ever feeling down, just check out this awesome tumblog called G A L I P S which is packed with amazing and inspirational quotes and pictures to lift up your mood. Hopefully, even for a moment, it will transport you to that magical world where there is't word like "problem" in the dictionary. :) Happy Tuesday everyine...

xoxo vami-kat

World's Gunna End ~ Megan & Liz
Ok so not the most optimistic song but to me, it just tells me that hey, all my problems don't mean thw world's gonna end. 'Cause I can overcome anything....and so can you :)


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