Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pick-Me Up Quote

I had a particularly horrible Friday but all I did was tell myself:

I chose to make mistakes strengthen me not destroy me and I hope you do too.
Moving on to more happier news!! A Spoonful of Sass has expanded to Tumblr!!! I'm super excited to unveil it to you. I run it with my friend Niloufar but right now she's a bit AWOL so I'm doing the posting for now. It's basically a collection of fabulous pictures, videos and quotes which include fashion, scenery, couture, celebs and yummy desserts. You can see some pictures featured on it in my Snapshot Sunday posts. If you have a tumblr make sure you come and check out mine and please follow!!!! I will be creating a Tumblr page on this blog but for now check it out HERE

Have a great weekend sassy readers!! xoxo vami-kat

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