Monday, 21 November 2011

Whispered Words

Well, it's been a tough day. Finishing an art project on the last minute, learning some important secrets that were kept from me, just being told that I have a flippin' French exam tomorrow that I am completely and utterly unprepared for...well it really doesn't get better than this! -_-
Well I'm sure you guys don't wanna hear about my exam blues SO....I PRESENT...(excited music).....ahh I've got nothing :( Ha! Got you there didn't I? WEll, face it suckers, you got excited for nothing!!!
Yes, I'm in a very bipolar mood today....hormones do that to you (frown face) is a collection of quotes and pictures that will hopefully pick up your mood on this beautiful Monday (it's raining!!!) *I promise, I shall one day do a post on how much I love the rain and what it signifies here in Botswana*
But...moving are today's goodies :)

Now, I shall get back to studying French while listening to Boyce Avenue on replay #StoryOfMyLife

xoxo vami-kat


  1. good luck on your french exam girly! study lol... and btw, i love the rain too (but only when i'm at home.)

  2. thanks cherry!!! :) the exam went well