Friday, 2 December 2011

Missing You...

*Sigh*'s my last day in Botswana :( Tomorrow I'll be leaving to see all my family and have a good time in India/Nepal/Dubai. I promise I will take lots of pictures (after all, I'm going to see the tallest building in the world, Taj Mahal and Mount Everest. Now that's something to blog about). However, I have no idea what Internet connection will be like there and whether I will actually have access to a computer at all times. So please bear with me if posts aren't regular or I just disappear all of a sudden. I will try my very best to blog as regularly as I can. Meanwhile, my friend Niloufar should continue posting on our Tumblr so make sure you keep checking!

Anyways this post is dedicated to all my awesome firends who've stuck by me this year. To the old ones and the new ones. Love you guys so much!! I shall try and get you some prezzies while I'm away :) Thank you for being the most awesomest people ever :D

xoxo vami-kat

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