Sunday, 29 January 2012

Snapshot Sunday: Food for Thought

Good morning everyone!!! I hope you're all having nice, relaxed and happy Sundays. Now this post is pour my friend Katarina, because we share a certain, uhm, LOVELY fascination with cupcakes. And yeah  all that nice, sweet stuff that Botswana really lacks. Like, oh a DECENT candy store or something like a cupcake cafe. Seriously, it's like its never crossed their minds to open stuff like that here. All we have are a couple of pokey Milky Lanes. My answer to that is: NOT ENOUGH!! Do they not understand that our generation is in dire need of some super delish lip-smacking desserts and candy or atleast a decent variety of sweet stuff like that? Well, humph, I guess NOT. Cause we have to settle for endless bars of Cadbury's and Aeros and god-knows-whats. Yeah, you get what I mean. Which is why we have to enetertain ourselves with food chocolate covered strawberries...or red velvet cupcakes...or.... excuse me I think I'm gonna go raid my fridge now XD :P

So damn CUTE :) x

Oh, now THATS rich. Psshh hahah Chanel has really upped its game ;)

Yummy! I heart me some strawberries. Add chocolate to the mix and you won't be able to tear me away :P

This dress is actually entirely made out of candy. It was on display at the It'Sugar candy store at Dubai Mall :)

'Cause who doesn't love pasta? :P
xoxo vami-kat

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