Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Don't forget the good things...

I found this beautiful BEAUTIFUL, absolutely inspirational Tumblr today (click here!) and the most pote and exceptionally DEEP blog (click!) as well. I guess it was a day of new discoveries then :)
Although I had one of those random bouts of getting lost in your past and wallowing in the sadness of it all. Ouch :(
You know what amazes me? How when you think you know a person SO WELL and then they just completely shock you, out of the blue, revealing this whole other side of them that you never knew existed. I've experienced that quite recently, good and bad.
Although MOST of it was good.
So I guess my message and moral of the day (that I experienced and learnt today) is that never think you know a person till you've seen the world in their eyes. I've been trying really hard not to simply label people straight off and judge them according to any stories, rumours or first impressions. I don't know their story and I have no right to simply cast them off like that. They're all human beings. They ALL have flaws and imperfections just like you and me. That doesn't mean they aren't unique and special in their own way.
Always try to look for the good things in people, in life, in EVERYTHING.
Think positive, feel positive, stay positive. And you'll become a happier version of you. I'm living proof of that :)

 NEVER make anybody feel that way. Karma will come back to bite you :)

xoxo vami-kat

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