Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake Day

So apparently, it's Pancake Day in the UK today :P How. blathering.awesome!!!! Eish, why can't Botswana have something like that?? Where, you know, they'd dish out free pancakes to all students at school just because...it's Pancake Day!!! I swear, these people have no brains -_- Hahaha
I am having a lovely week :D Mmm...just finished my Coke Zero. You simply cannot survive without cold drinks in this weather >.< Impossible! Teehee :D
Anywho....I think it would be appropriate to post a dee-lish picture of pancakes right? Yes, it would :P

Bahaha...charming ;)

xoxo vami-kat
P.S Be randomly nice to someone :) It'll make you feel undeniably awesome :)

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