Thursday, 8 March 2012

Retro Shades

Ok so that was an epic fail -_-  Yes, I'm referring to my long, rambling hate speech about Facebook. No I have NOT lost my willpower....there are simply some *reasons* that I have to go back. Not to sound secretive or anything...psshht ;) But whatever, I still have all those strong feelings about Facebook, but...well...ahh nevermind.
Back to the subject of this post.

So there are too many absolutely FABULOUS songs these days, it's impossible to even keep track. So...yeah.
I'm very much into a lot of indie, jazzy, bluesy, alternative rock music these days.
So this is an erm, retro kinda compilation-slash-playlist that I've created. Hope you enjoy :)
Pictures are included. Just for fun

Think *adorable singer with coiffed hair and an affinity for black fedoras* dancing around, singing this song. So fun and jazzy...*sigh* ;) BTW fedoras are AWESOME :D

A song about when you just CANNOT get that guy outta your head. Annoying isn;t it? But somehow Rihanna makes it lazy, fun and beautiful at the same time :) Great to dance to

Aww, this guy rocks my world. Cannot wait to see him as PEETA in the Hunger Games :D March 23rd!

So this song is actually about an homicidal youth who wants to gun down his thats Deep with a capital D. Still a great song though :)

Sunnies!! Although I'd probably never wear them 8)

There's something just so...addictive about this song...Gahhhh...probably the angry-ish lyrics and that hypnotic beat...

I quite like this pic :P


This is quite the song ;)

 I miss the Olsen twins :(

No one can forget this song :)

*These boots were made for walking* ;)

I hope you enjoyed...THAT :) Teehee ;) Peace, love and cupcakes :P

xoxo vami-kat

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