Tuesday, 6 March 2012

On that note...

I JUST deactivated my Facebook account.Ya wanna know why? Well then, keep reading my friends...

The Fuckery of Facebook

For the past week or so, I got to thinking. And decided. I DON'T. Like. Facebook.
In fact I hate it.
Sue me.
I hate how I find myself editing my pictures, just to make myself look more appealing to the evil fake eyes of the Facebook generation. Making myself into something I’m not without even noticing.
I hate how my friends and the people in my life learn more about me from my Facebook, than talking to me face to face.
I hate how I find myself scouting the internet for pote quotes to make myself sound more interesting and deep than I am, all for the sake of a status.
I hate how MEETING NEW PEOPLE used to MEAN something. It’s used to be romantic (in a sense of it being exciting and fresh and new). No preparation allowed. No edited profile allowed.
I hate how FRIENDS used to mean something. Not just a long list of pictures on the side of your profile. And people disguised by expensive cars.
I hate how Facebook uses up my time and makes me sit there endlessly for hours, without noticing. Supposedly ‘catching up’ with relatives and such, when in fact I speak to them even less.
I hate how relationships are made and burned on Facebook.
I hate how people hide Behind Facebook.
I hate it.
What’s on your mind?
Something else.
Therefore, This Friday, I am deactivating my Facebook account.

Couldn't have said it better myself. It's a liberating feeling, to just get rid of your account like that. It's kinda sad in a way coz I can't have those random, crazy Facebook chats anymore....I guess Skype'll have to do then :)

And NO way in hell will I allow myself to go back to Facebook. I think the reasons are clear enough. I've decided to use my time in a more productive way rather than sit around and hound people's walls. So there. It's done

And that's that.

Ok cool picture time :D