Monday, 16 April 2012


So I was watching Fashion Hunters yesterday *I don't know if you know it but it's one of those pretentious reality shows where hi-glossed American people gush over clothes*. Yup, nothing unusual there. And I have to say, it got me thinking about many things...

So there was this little petite thing with oodles of Barbie blonde hair who had bought two Chanel bags from a garage sale (!!!) and wanted to know if they were real. So yeah, they called in this woman from Nylon magazine *I forgot her name but I know she was important. Everybody kept looking at her with googly eyes and fake smiles and acted like she was the coolest thing on the planet*
Anyways, this Nylon lady started sifting through the bags and gave the other girls *as well as the masses who enjoy laughing at reality TV* a very educating speech about confirming the authenticity of a Chanel bag. Yes, it was quite helpful indeed.

To ensure the real-ness of your Chanel bag, follow these steps:

  1. First, check the round buckle/magnet thingy that closes the bag *I don't know what to call it* and make sure it says Paris or some other city in La France.
Sidenote: ALL Chanel bags are made in France. So if it's American or Chinese...well, tough luck buddy.

     2.  Make sure the leather is genuine by touching and smelling it. Also, the leather must look   exquisitely expensive ;)

     3. The sewing work and stuff should look very finely done. Once again, make sure it looks exquisitely expensive.

    4. Give the bag another once-over, checking to see if the Chanel logo looks legit, the chain looks good, the Cs look right, and everything.

    5. Lastly, every Chanel bag has a small ID sticker with a number on it somewhere inside it. If that's there, you've got a winner :)

*Now if I head on over to those shady little boutiques by the station, I'll be able to tell if a Chanel bag is real. Goody!! -__- *

This one's fake....if you didn't notice -___-

So back to the story. Sure enough, like a perfectly scripted soapie, one bag was fake and the other turned out to be REAL. And the little blonde Barbie lookalike was oh-so-cool about it, like the fact that she'd bought a REAL Chanel bag for $10 at a garage sale was no big deal. I mean, hello? If I was her, I'd run around the room like a headless ostrich on crack, screaming my lungs out. And THEN, she sold the bag to the store so that she could get a good deal on a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, which, if you ask me, looked like a 6-year old girl had decided to turn her mother's old stilettos into her next art project, by dousing the heels in hot pink glitter o.O I mean, who does that?
Apparently, little blonde Barbies whose names are probably Gina and Nikki or something equally perky -___-

Now don't get me wrong, I love Christian Louboutin and I admire him and think he's like, a shoe god, but honestly that doesn't mean I like his every shoe. I mean, you have to admit, some of these top designers make some pretty crazy things. But eh, that's just my opinion.

I'll still thank him *when I kick a ninja-type thuggie who tries to mug me* in the face with my leopard print platform Louboutins. Along with pouring pepper spray mixed with an overdose of Chanel No.5 in their eyes ;) That's quite kick-ass xD

 Aww yeah!!!     *Smack!*

I appreciate it that you've made it this far in my long essay about frivoulous designer items. You have the patience of a saint. Officially

xoxo vami-kat

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