Friday, 27 April 2012

Life is a Prom

Ello people!!! :D
Just discovered some bad news. Betsey Johnson *possibly one of my most favorite fashion designers ever* has filed for bankruptcy! Gosh, I'd always dreamed of buying something from her stores and now they're closing down! Well, screw that >.<
This is why today, *even though I don't own a single piece of Betsey Johnson merchandise*, I'm making a tribute for her. Betsey Johnson was one of my first inspirations to becoming a fashion designer. She's a 69-yr old fashion genius who taught young girls like me not to take life too seriously and to live it like its prom. She taught us how to look good, feel good and be wild! She taught us how to be unique and stay true to ourselves. Think about it. Nobody does fashion like Betsey. She cartwheels on catwalks, uses staff and employees as models and her designs are young, fresh and make you feel alive. They're very punk rock mixed with super girly *which is totally my style*. Think hot pink paired with black, skulls, glitter, poofs, ruffles, bows and craaaazy prints galore. It's totally fun and makes you feel like you're a walking party actually ;) Nobody does fashion like her. She doesn't take it too seriously as well. It's not high fashion or avant-garde or semi-sculptural at all. None of her clothes look like they need to be sent to a fashion museum stat. In fact, they look like, a bunch of crazy teenage girls decided to have a party where they got tons of fabric and glitter and spray paint and just had a blast making a bunch of funky outfits. It's totally cool and I salute Ms Johnson for making fashion so fun and effortless :)

and virtual hugs!! Xo

Here's a well-needed taste of the Betsey Johnson cake :P


 That's an iPad case. I'd totally buy it if, you know, I actually had an iPad -_-

 Accessories!! Accessories!!! *Hyperventilation* Sorry, calming down....ACCESSORIES!!!

 Katy Perry's actually worn this one :) I have to say it looks like a cross between a supremely girly prom dress and Barbie Swan Lake's gown...

xoxo vami-kat
P.S Perhaps anybody would like to gift me something by Betsey Johnson..? A late birthday gift? No...? Okay :|

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