Monday, 23 April 2012

Old School Love

Bonjour :)

Take a listen to this:

It's the epitome of sugary teen pop but the message rings true. And so do those skirts made of genius! :O

Anyways :)

The "old school" cute student look seems to have been the major trend right now. Think geek chic, Peter Pan collars, button up shirts tucked into sailor shorts, flirty minis, Mary Janes, knee high socks, pearls, platform booties, topknots and gorgeous oversized bags to fit those novels into. Accessorized with a cuppa coffee and a smile, of course.
I personally, LOVE it. It's 100% me. Totally my style :) Care to try a sample? ;) Haha here we go

That bag is perfection :O And if you didn't know, teal is one of my favorite colours

This girl makes the ripped sweater trend look classy ;)

I'm kinda obsessed with shoulder bags :P

Omigod :O A macaroon bracelet? That is beyond awesome :D

I like those Vans :)

Those shorts are rockin' :D

Coz which girl doesn't dream of owning a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas?

 Those shoes and sunnies ♥ 

 That bag ♥ 

 Those heels and that die for 

Quite hippie/rocker chick ;)


xoxo vami-kat
P.S This post took about 5 million years to complete. But I think it was worth it ;)

 Picture sources: Fashiolista, Lookbook and WeHeartIt


  1. i can only imagine how much time this post took. this is pretty extensive research. love it, though, i think it's a great inspiration!

    xoxo, andie
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    1. aww thank you!! :D it was fun though :) Xo