Monday, 2 April 2012

Paradise :)

Hola guys!!
Sorry about the no-show yesterday. Moi has been super busy doing some fashion sketches and bingeing on ice-cream. I am feeling ultra happy because.....
a) It's my birthday tomorrow (just reminding you!)
b) It's my party on Wednesday.
c) Also on Wednesday, school is closing for a month. Whoop whoop!!
d) It's my friend's birthday party on Friday
e) The long Easter weekend is this week

So. I have many reasons to smile right now. I quite like this picture. So I'm sharing it with you guys...and yeah :)

OH and I cannot wait for Hunger Games to hit the land of Botswana...on Friday the 13th!!! :) haha, eep!

Speaking of....


I apologise for the inevitably short post. I promise you a lovely, long post soon enough. Just not now.
Right now...I just need to sit back, relax and enjoy life :)

Peace and cupcakes :P
xoxo vami-kat