Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Tenth Circle


Winter has blown us away here in the land of Botswana. It has us freezing down to our toes. When I haven't been whisked off to some practice or activity of some sort, I've been snuggled up in bed with my iPod, a cup of hot coffee and a Jodi Picoult novel for company. That is, when I haven't already been bombarded with piles of homework -_-

Anyways, I wanted to talk about a book today. A novel, to be precise.
It's actually by Jodi Picoult and it's called The Tenth Circle.

It's about a girl who gets date-raped by a boy who she thought she loved.
This girl's only fourteen and her life pretty much falls apart. The book shows how everyone is so quick to take the boy's side, how the girl is shunned, how she's called the slut, how she cuts herself, how she attempts suicide and runs away from home to a country she's never even been to.

I like the way Jodi Picoult writes. Quite like a lawyer. And she takes the time out to painstakingly research and experience things for references and writing her books. She writes amazingly. Like she can see both sides of the situation, explores it in every angle possible and links her characters together through their personal stories. It's so incredibly touching and moving that I had to tell you guys about her books.

And in case you didn't know, she was the author of My Sister's Keeper. Yes, that absolute tear-jerker starring Abigail Breslin and Cameron Diaz.

I hope you go check out her stuff. Trust me, it's worth it :)
xoxo vami-kat
P.S If you know of any other cool novels/authors feel free to let me know :P I'm a total book junkie

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