Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Cup of Jewels perhaps?

I'm a sucker for cool, awesome ways to organize jewellery, headbands and any other supremely girly items that people like me, hoard on.

I own like, a TON of bracelets and my earrings are forever rolling around all over the place while my necklaces are a tangled mass of sparkly metal strings and lockets. It's utter chaos for an accessory junkie comme moi.

Obviously, before there was that trend of draping your jewellery on those little headless doll thingys *not exactly sure what they're called* but the new trend is to DIY your organisation tools OR buy like, those really awesome vintage looking sparkly jewellery boxes.
However, I found this fantastic thing on THIS blog, where you can store your jewellery in a perfectly regal way, quite simply using your mother's outdated china tea-set. Intrigued?

Grab a bunch of twigs, paint them you wall's colour et voila!  Your wall of jewels is complete.

 Store your bling using the classic cup-and saucer way.

Try using a cupcake stand for easy, effortless tossing aside of rings, buttons and any other small sparkly item.

 Barrettes, earrings and pendants can conveniently be stowed away in china bowls and plates.

 A tea tray of jewels for the girl in a rush.

The clever usage of cake stands to display jewellery in a professional way. 

 Simply fabulastico. Anybody notice that the earrings are color-coordinated? Now that's called being organized people.

Very useful trick to storing your headbands. Fantastic for the Blair Waldorf wannabes of the world *like me* ;)

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SOURCE: Secrets and Stilettos

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