Monday, 16 July 2012

Look & Listen

Movies and music for the soul.
Happy Monday, earthly beings...

Saddest, most beautiful movie ever. Watched it yesterday since most movies arrive fashionably late in Africa. But really. Almost reduced me to tears. ALMOST. And that's an achievement considering that I never cry in movies . And if you're one of those sentimental, sucker for true stories *much like my mother* then this one's for you, as it's based on real life events.

Everyone needs a pure pop-dance song now and then. That too, one by an artist called...Pixie. How techno ;)

Will watch it purely for Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Lemme know if it's any good if you've already seen it.

I don't's just so indie :P The weird thing is, my dad is the one who suggested it to me...

Because it has Zac Efron. Aaaand it's based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. So, durrr

xoxo vami-kat


  1. wow your from africa? That is so cool! & I am a cryer so I definitely cried at this movie but I loved it (: xx

    1. haha no I'm actually from India but I LIVE in Africa ;) teehee Xo