Saturday, 14 July 2012

Material Girl

Remember my ode to Betsey Johnson's fashion empire?
Oh how I loved the fact that her stuff was fun and made me feel like I really was a teenager just dressing up and playing around with fashion. Rather than a girl trying to fathom where it all came from while gazing at a piece of haute couture or something so avant garde it could never be seen on a human.

Well, its just too bad that Betsey Johnson is gone but I think a good alternative is Material Girl.
Yes, yes, I don't particularly respect Madonna for a lot of things she does or has done, but actually, she's produced one heck of a clothing line.

It's had its run of faces, from Taylor Momsen to Kelly Osbourne and to the current covergirl, Georgia May Jagger. And I'm sure you've now realised, judging from her 5 million dollar surname, that she's Mick Jagger's daughter.

Not that I'll ever be able to buy this stuff, tethered to a southern African country I am, but still, it provides great style-spiration ;)

xoxo vami-kat


  1. the first two outfits and the leather jacket in the last pic are iincred

    you have such a really interesting blog!
    what do you think of following each other?


    1. thanks so much for visiting! I followed your blog so follow back! :) Xo

  2. u look hot and pretty girl :)

    I am especially loving your stripey outfit!!!