Sunday, 8 April 2012

Kiss Me :)

Remember my obsession with that ginger-haired British boy who sang like a dream?? Ed Sheeran?
Ok so maybe you don't remember. Pfff  whatever xD I'll just give you a little reminder then...with this absolutely fantastically BEAUTIFUL tune :) Gosh....I died. People should make more music like this..rather than stupid stuff about how they absolutely enjoyed making out with some hoe in a hotel room -___- Seriously, has music lost all its meaning?
It seems like its conformed to the ridiculous, sex-obsessed pop culture generation of today. Where all that matters is money, gadgets and makeup.

That's the kind of world we live in.
But fear not. People like Ed Sheeran DO exist :) If you look hard, you'll find many :)

You HAVE to listen to this one too. It's so beautiful I could cry

In other news, if you're really into makeup and believe is beautifying is an art (trust me, it is) then check out this cray-cray but cool makeup tumblr HERE

If you live in Cape Town and are looking for a really cool place to get mani/pedis OR if you just feel like seeing a pretty site full of 50s glamour, velvet cupcakes, Audrey Hepburn, pin-up girls and candy then check out Petticoat Parlour

Rightyo :D I must go update my journal. 
Happy Holidays! .....*oh dear that sounds quite ominous* Nevermind

xoxo vami-kat

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